Sherzod Karimov

Full Stack Developer

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HTML is the basis of any site. This is a site using language structure is created. HTML is not recognized as a programming language. Writing code in HTML is easier and faster. A PUG (formerly called Jade) template was developed to be. HTML and PUG template too can be studied in the short term. I can say that I know these perfectly.


CSS and SASS, Less. Framework Bootstrap, Semantic UI

CSS is a post-HTML executable technology. It is simply a site Suitable for appearance, performs the function of decoration. With this technology, the site is streamlined. It decides what to stand where, in what position to stand. Learning CSS is very important. Because of the site The better the interface, the more users will be interested.
The SASS and Less preprocessors are based on CSS. These make it easier to write code in CSS as well accelerates. Bootstrap frameworks develop site design in a very fast way through classes helps to exit.
I think I have enough knowledge of CSS and SASS, Less preprocessors, Bootstrap Semantic UI frameworks.


JavaScript, Jquery and ReactJS

JavaScript is a programming language. It is mainly dynamic websites used to create. JavaScript is inextricably linked to the browser. Works with the browser. Framework works based on Jquery and ReactJS JavaScript. This programming language and my knowledge of framework is not in such a glorious state. Average



PHP is a web technology language. To learn PHP, first use HTML and programming language proficiency is required. PHP for those who are fluent in HTML / CSS and JavaScript learning is not complicated. The code written in PHP is executed on the server and sent to the client in HTML format MySQL is the most popular and widely used database management system (MBBT). This system is not designed to work with very large data, quite a bit designed to work at high speeds with small size bases. Its main scope of work, sites. Nowadays, the data of many sites and blocks is stored in exactly this MBBT. I have the same knowledge of these languages. But I will improve my skills and bring it to 100%


WordPress CMS

WordPress is a content management system (CMS), PHP programming CSS styles, JS codes, HTML tags are also used. This CMS is basically a blog used to create sites, but now also create sites of any complexity possible.
In WordPress, a template is selected to create a site, and the site is created based on this template, finding templates is not a problem as these CMS templates are many and colorful.


Yii2 Framework

Yii is a fast web component PHP framework for modern web designed to create applications quickly. The word yii means “simple and evolutionary” in Chinese means. Also when viewed as an acronym for Yii, its spreading text is “Yes It Is” can also be considered!
Yii is a universal framework and its application for all types of web applications possible. The framework is mainly due to its component structure and excellent support for caching comes in handy for large projects like portals, forums, CMS, stores or RESTful apps.